31136 Dawlish 2 July 1979

31136 passes the red sandstone cliffs at Dawlish on 2 July 1979 with a westbound local service. It doesn't look like this loco has been cleaned for a very long time, and the blue livery is well hidden under a layer of grime.

46028 Teignmouth 2 July 1979

46028 passes through Teignmouth station on 2 July 1979 with an up train. There are a succession of bridges crossing the line here, with the station itself crossed by two.  46028 was withdrawn in spectacular fashion in 1984, when it caught fire while assisting a HST at Plymouth!

20022 Tytherington Quarry 30 June 1985

20022 arrives at Tyherington Quarry on 30 June 1985 with the F&W Railtours 1Z60 'Severncider 2' railtour. This tour also visited Wapping Wharf, Severn Beach, Tidenham, Gloucester Docks and Sharpness. A truly memorable day!

45109 Settle Junction 31 March 1984

45109 approaches Settle Junction on 31 Mach 1984 with 1E33 16:35 Carlisle to Leeds service. In the foreground is the line to Carnforth, via Giggleswick. Peak hauled Mk 1 coaches and semaphore signals - the good old days!

45142 Settle Junction 7 April 1984

45142 passes Settle Junction signal box on 7 April 1984 with the 1E23 10:40 Carlisle to Leeds service. The box was built by the Midland Railway, and dates from1913. Note that the lines run parallel for a short distance after the actual junction.

60009 Long Meg Sidings 31 March 1984

LNER A4 4-6-2 60009 Union of South Africa storms past Long Meg signal box of 31 March 1984 with the southbound 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' railtour. Long Meg sidings served the nearby gypsum quarry, which was situated on the banks of the River Eden, and connected to the mainline by a short branch.

47448 Dandry Mire Viaduct 5 November 1983

47448 crosses Dandry Mire Viaduct on 5 November 1983 with a southbound service. Just our of sight around the corner is the short Lunds Tunnel, Note the tiny wayside chapel directly above the locomotive.

47485 Garsdale 5 November 1983

It looks like this was a very lucky sunny picture, judging by the dark clouds over the fells. 47485 leaves Garsdale station on 5 November 1983 with a Carlisle bound service.

DMU Long Preston 7 April 1984

A Class 110 DMU is pictured near Long Preston on 7 April 1984. Built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company, these units soon got the nickname 'Calder Valley' sets, due to their area of operation. They were especially designed for these hilly routes, and so had a higher power to weight ration than most DMUs. They had all been withdrawn by 1988.

46229 Horton-in-Ribblesdale 29 October 1983

LMS Coronation Class 4-6-2 46229 Duchess of Hamilton storms past Horton-in-Ribblesdale on 29 October 1983 with the northbound 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' railtour. Horton station (still with semaphore signals) can be see in the background.

4472 Long Preston 3 March 1984

LNER A3 4-6-2 4472 Flying Scotsman bursts underneath the three arch bridge that spans the end of the platforms at Long Preston station. It is working the 1L41 12:10 Carlisle to Euston 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' railtour on 3 March 1984. The A3 worked the train between Hellifield and Carnforth.

Little Salkeld Station 29 December 1983

Little Salkeld station, on the Settle to Carlisle line, pictured in dramatic lighting on 29 December 1983. The station closed to passengers in 1970 and is now a private residence. In the foreground of this view is the bridge carrying the line over the Little Salkeld to Langwathby road.

Kirkby Stephen station pictured in a brief sunny interlude between snow showers on 29 December 1983. Along with the majority of stations on the Settle to Carlisle line, Kirkby Stephen closed in 1970, but was reopened in 1986.

47434 Cotehill 3 March 1984

47434 passes Cotehill on 3 March 1984 with the 1E23 10:40 Carlisle to Leeds service. An excellent choice of location, as the four coach train just fits in the gap under the bridge. Four coaches was the normal load for Settle & Carlisle trains at this time, and despite the hilly nature of the route, no problem at all for a Class 47.

47537 Kirkby Stephen 29 December 1983

A blizzard at Kirkby Stephen on 29 December 1983. 47537 Sir Gwynedd / County of Gwynedd speeds through the deserted station on with an unidentified southbound service. Note the vintage Kirkby Stephen West enamel nameboard.

34092 Settle Junction 7 April 1984

Southern Railway West Country 4-6-2 34092 City of Wells darkens the already gloomy sky at Settle Junction on 7 April 1984, as it works the northbound 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' railtour. The line to Carnforth, via Giggleswick, can just be seen diverging away at a lower level on the right.

34092 Newbiggin 7 April 1984

Southern Railway West Country 4-6-2 34092 City of Wells passes the closed and derelict station at Newbiggin on 7 April 1984 with the northbound 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' railtour. Obviously a popular spot, as Tom was not the only photographer at this location!

46229 Ormside Viaduct 7 January 1984

Superb dramatic lighting, and an excellent choice of location, as Coronation Class 4-6-2 46229 Duchess of Hamilton crosses Ormside Viaduct on 7 January 1984 with the southbound 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' railtour. The ten arch viaduct spans the River Eden, a couple of miles south of Appleby.

45137 Settle Junction 7 April 1984

'Run for it'! The lambs scatter, as 45137 The Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment (TA) heads north from Settle Junction on 7 April 1984 with the 1M09 09:07 Leeds to Carlisle service. It is just about to cross over the A65 road.

850 Howe & Co's Siding 3 March 1984

Sole surviving Southern Railway 'Lord Nelson' Class 4-6-0 850 'Lord Nelson' storms past Howe & Co's Siding signal box (near Cumwhinton) on 3 March 1984 with the 1L41 12:10 Carlisle to Euston 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' railtour, which it worked as far as Hellifield.

850 Aisgill 3 March 1984

A little snow still lingers at Aisgill on 3 March 1984, as Southern Railway 4-6-0 850 'Lord Nelson' passes by with the 1L41 12:10 Carlisle to Euston 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' railtour, which it worked between Carlisle to Hellifield.

5305 Petteril Bridgge Junction 29 December 1983

A very gloomy day at Petterill Bridge Junction, Carlisle, as LMS 'Black 5' 4-6-0 5305 starts its journey over the Settle & Carlisle line with the SLOA Carlisle to Euston 'Santa Steam Special'. The date is 29 December 1983.

40015 Saltney Junction 26 August 1983

With the buildings of Chester visible n the background, 40015 approaches Saltney Junction on 26 August 1983 with a freightliner bound for Holyhead. Just visible on the loco's bodyside is the painted name Aquitania, in the position that the original cast plate once occupied.

47201 Talacre 16 June 1985

47201 passes the abandoned platforms at Talacre station on 16 June 1985, whilst working the 1J22 14:40 Llandudno to Manchester Victoria service. Talacre station closed in 1966. Masses of caravans on the horizon proved a typical North Wales scene.

51188 Mostyn 21 April 1984

A pair of Class 101 DMUs led by 51188 pass Mostyn signal box on 21 April 1984 with an unidentified up working. 51188 has survived into preservation, and currently resides at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway.

Class 120 DMU Sandycroft 23 April 1984

An unidentified Class 120 set leads a couple of other units past Sandycroft signal box on 24 April 1984 with the 07:57 Llandudno to Crewe service. The signal box survived into the new millennium, but was finally demolished in 2005.

Class 101 DMU Mostyn 26 August 1983

An interesting DMU combination passes Mostyn on 26 August 1983, with an unidentified Class 101 twin set leading. The working is unidentified, but the 16:00 Llandudno to Manchester Victoria is a possibility. The slightly misty day almost hides the view of the Dee estuary in the background.

47199 Chester 3 June 1984

47199 leaves Chester station on 3 June 1984 with an unidentified working. It is passing the impressive Chester No.2 signal box, the largest of the mechanical signal boxes in the Chester area. 47199 was withdrawn in 1987, but survived for a further six years, before being cut up at MC Metals, Glasgow.

47482 Conwy 30 August 1983

Perfect timing! 47482 leaves Robert Stephenson's Conwy tubular bridge on 30 August 1983 with the 1D48 13:20 Crewe to Holyhead service, while a Class 108/101 DMU combination heads in the opposite direction with the 13:35 Holyhead to Llandudno. Tom was extremely lucky, both to place the 47 centrally in the very tight gap between the bridge and castellated turret, and to have the DMU in the optimum position.

40034 Saltney Junction 2 July 1977

40034 passes Saltney Junction on 2 July 1977 with an unidentified eastbound working. 40034 was one of the few Class 40 to be named, in this case after the Elder Dempster Lines ship Accra. It had long since lost its nameplates when this photo was taken.

40001 Chester 23 April 1977

40001 crosses over the River Dee at Chester on 23 April 1977 with a Holyhead bound freightliner. A historic picture, as the gasworks are now a thing of the past, as well as 40001! After 26 years service, 40001 was withdrawn in 1984 and cut up in 1987.

40104 & 47616 Llandudno 30 August 1984

A contrast in classic motive power designs at Llandudno station on 30 August 1984. 40104 will later be working the 1G90 16:40 Llandudno to Birmingham New Street additional, while 47616 prepares to depart with the 1E53 13:24 Llandudno to Scarborough service.

45115 Mostyn 21 April 1984

45115 speeds through Mostyn on 21 April 1984 with the 1M63 11:00 Scarborough to Bangor service. 45115 was one of the last 'Peaks' to be withdrawn, surviving until June 1988. It was cut up a couple of years later.

45142 Rhyl 19 June 1985

45142 arrives at Rhyl on 19 June 1985 with the 1M58 08:20 Newcastle to Llandudno service. Note the old loco shed on the right (closed in 1963), which seems to be acting as quite an effective greenhouse for some unwanted vegetation!

53648 Saltney Junction 7 June 1984

A Class 120 unit with 53648 leading (I think, but the number is not 100% clear on the original slide) passes Saltney Junction on 7 June 1984 with a Shrewsbury to Chester service. The centre car appears to be from a Metro Cammel Class 101 unit.

40150 Chester 29 June 1984

40150 approaches Chester on 29 June 1984 with the Amlwch to Ellesmere Port chemical tanks. Not only is the loco long gone (cut up in 1987), but chemical traffic from the Isle of Anglesey is also now a distant memory.

47207 Flint 28 June 1984

47207 arrives at Flint station on 28 June 1984 with an unidentified westbound working. Three decades later the view is virtually unaltered, although without of course, the everyday presence of a Class 47 on a passenger train!

40044 Sandycroft 24 April 1984

40044 passes Sandycroft on 24 April 1984 with a short eastbound parcels train. Note the smooth front end, the result of the former nose end connecting doors having been removed. This had only happened at this end of the locomotive.

25133 Colwyn Bay 5 April 1977

This is definitely something out of the ordinary! 25133 has a Class 104 DMU in tow, as it pulls out of Colwyn Bay station on 5 April 1977 with an eastbound parcels train. If this had been a Kodachrome slide, the identification of the unit may have been possible, but this is Agfa, so no such luck!

47598 Greenfield 24 April 1984

47598 passes the now demolished Courtaulds textile factory at Greenfield on 24 April 1984 with the 12:40 Euston to Holyhead service. This location is unrecognisable now, with all traces of the factory removed, to be replaced by scrubby Silver Birches.

25162 Bangor 25 July 1977

25162 passes through Bangor station on 25 July 1977 with a short freight., including chemical tanks from Amlwch. This is shortly after the display of headcodes on locomotives was abandoned, with characters wound to 0000, as here.

47445 Rossett 15 June 1985

What a transformation! In 1985 Rossett boasted four tracks and numerous semaphore signals. Today there is just a single track and no signals! 47445 heads south on 15 June 1985 with the 1V06 14:17 Bangor to Cardiff Central service. This is doubly unusual, as not only is this train diverted from its normal route because of the extensive alterations taking place at Crewe station, but it is also substituting for the more usual Class 33.

47191 Holyhead 25 July 1977

47191 arrives at Holyhead on 25 July 1977 with an unidentified working. Plenty of period detail here, including the vintage signal on the left, and the breakdown crane on the high level siding in the background, in front of Holyhead's four road engine shed.

08937 Plymouth 4 July 1979

08937 engages in a spot of shunting at Plymouth station on 4 July 1979. This loco still resides in the West Country, now being preserved at the fledgling Dartmoor Railway, part of the former LSWR line from Crediton to Meldon Quarry.

50048 Keyham 30 May 1978

50048 Dauntless approaches Keyham on 30 May 1978 with a train from Penzance. Weston Mill Viaduct can be seen in the background, and the trailing connection to the Devonport Dockyard branch with attendant ground frame is prominent in the centre of the picture.

47242 Marazion 25 July 1978

47242 passes Marazion on 25 July 1978 with a van train destined for Penzance. Note the former SR & GWR vans at the head of the formation. On the right are the famous Pullman camping coaches, (from front to rear) Aurora, Juno, Alicante, Mimosa, Calais and Flora.

45063 Derrycombe Viaduct 18 April 1979

45063 crosses Derrycombe Viaduct on 18 April 1979 with a westbound working. There are numerous viaducts in quick succession between  Bodmin and Doublebois, all crossing small streams that feed down into the River Fowey, through which valley the railway runs.

46025 Moorswater Viaduct 28 July 1978

A brief glimpse of sunshine against a stormy sky as 46025 crosses Moorswater Viaduct on 28 July 1978 with a westbound working. Note the piers of the original viaduct both on the left and the right. The centre piers were demolished at the time of the second viaduct's construction (1881).

50033 Keyham 31 May 1978

50033 stands at Keyham station on 31 May 1978 with the 16:35 Plymouth to Penzance service. 50033 was named Glorious the following month. Although Keyham station is still open, and the footbridge survives, unfortunately the characteristic GWR brick built station building has now been demolished.

50028 Largin Viaduct 18 April 1979

50028 Tiger crosses Largin Viaduct on 18 April 1979 with an unidentified eastbound working. Clearly visible in the background are the two tracks merging into a single track to cross the viaduct. Photography is made difficult here by the plantains of coniferous trees on both sides of the valley of the River Fowey.

50037 Plymouth Dockyard Viaduct 2 April 1979

50037 Illustrious crosses Plymouth Dockyard Viaduct on 2 April 1979 with the 12:45 parcels train from Penzance. This will be split at Plymouth (just a few minutes away), with traffic going forward to either Crewe or Paddington. The distinctive roofline of a Ford Anglia can be glimpsed over the wall in the foreground.

50021 Plymouth 17 April 1979

50021 Rodney stands at Plymouth (North Road) station on 17 April 1979 with an unidentified up working. 50021 had been named at the nearby Laira depot the previous year, and followed in the footsteps of LMS Jubilee 45643 in being named after the Royal Navy battleship.

50007 St Austell 20 July 1978

Work stained 50007 Hercules passes through St Austell station on 20 July 1978 with a lengthy van train. Note the presence of various coaches, vans and wagons, and the resident Class 08, which was used to shunt Motorail stock. The footbridge stills survives, but virtually everything else in this picture is now history, except of course Hercules, which after many years as a green locomotive named Sir Edward Elgar, is now back on the main line in this guise, only cleaner!

50044 Plymouth Dockyard 22 March 1979

50044 Exeter passes through Plymouth Dockyard station on 22 March 1979 with a ballast train, presumably from Meldon Quarry. Dockyard station was opened by the Great Western Railway in 1905 as a railmotor halt.

47511 Scorrier 27 April 1979

47511 Thames passes the remains of Reade's shaft engine house, at Hallenbeagle, near Scorrier on 27 April 1979, with an unidentified southbound working, at around midday, judging by the angle of the sun. The silver buffers are presumably a reminder of its naming ceremony - just over a month earlier.

25207 Redruth 26 July 1978

25207 emerges from the short tunnel under Wesley Street and Higher Fore Street, Redruth, and passes through the station with a train of grampus wagons on 26 July 1978. 25207 was a Western Region allocated loco for a couple of years from March 1978, when it arrived at Laira from Longsight, Manchester.

47481 St Pinnock Viaduct 18 April 1979

47481 crosses St Pinnock Viaduct (between Liskeard and Bodmin) on 18 April 1979 with the 1B24 07:30 Paddington to Penzance service. At 151 feet high, this is the tallest viaduct in Cornwall. The iron decking replaced Brunel's original timber decking in 1882, and in order to ease the stresses on the structure, the line was singled in 1964.

50050 Keyham 31 May 1978

50050 speeds through Keyham station on 31 May 1978 with a westbound service, probably, judging by the angle of the sun, the 1B82 13:30 Paddington to Penzance. Unfortunately the clumps of Valerian (Centranthus ruber) on the side of the cutting have now been replaced by full size trees, making this view impossible.

50037 St Budeaux 16 April 1978

50037 passes St Budeaux on 16 April 1978 with an unidentified westbound working. The oil soaked and tatty locomotive would have been largely ignored by a lot of enthusiasts at the time. However, interest would start to increase once the class was named. 50037 received its Illustrious name a few weeks after this picture was taken.

50040 Devonport Junction 4 March 1978

The as yet unnamed 50040 passes Devonport Junction on 4 March 1978 with an unidentified down working. Unfortunately this grubby loco, with the rail blue livery graduating from brown dirt to black soot, is all too typical of the class during the late 1970s.

C558 Lostwithiel 29 July 1978

With Restormel Castle clearly visible on the hill in the background, Class 120 C558 (51588, 59588 & 51579) approaches Lostwithiel from the north on 29 July 1978. With just a single centre car surviving in preservation, there are effectively no longer any Class 120 DMUs.

Lostwithiel Station Building 29 July 1978

Lostwithiel station basks in the summer sunshine on 29 July 1978. The wooden station building with faded Western Region paintwork is clearly in need of a little maintenance. However, the scene just oozes atmosphere, with all the various signs and ex GWR fittings. Unfortunately, this interesting building was demolished a few years later.

Lostwithiel Goods Shed 29 July 1978

Clearly showings its broad gauge origins, Lostwithiel goods shed is pictured near the end of its life, on 29 July 1978. By this time it was out of use, and its only role here appears to be a perch for the local gulls (and on the chimney) rooks!

47497 Burngullow 1 June 1979

47497 passes Burngullow on 1 June 1979 with an unidentified up working. This location has gone from double track to single track, and back to double track since this picture was taken! On the right is the branch to Drinnick Mill and Parkandillack, then as now used by china clay traffic.

50041 Scorrier 27 April 1979

With a background like this, it could only be Cornwall. 50041 Bulwark passes the engine house of a long closed tin mine at Scorrier on 27 April 1979 with an unidentified working. In the early nineteenth century the 'Scorrier Penny' was issued, as a form of local currency for the tin miners.

50047 Liskeard 30 May 1979

A rainy day at Liskeard on 30 May 1979. 50047 Swiftsure arrives with an unidentified up working. Semaphore signalling still survives here, but the sidings and the Class 50s have long gone. Also, there are far more trees now, blocking out most of the view of the houses in the background.

50028 Defiance Platform 13 May 1979

50028 Tiger passes the site of Defiance Platform on 13 May 1979 with the 6A21 16:40 St Erth to Acton milk tanks. Defiance Platform was opened by the Great Western Railway in 1905, principally for use by sailors at the torpedo training school on HMS Defiance, moored at nearby Wearde Quay.

50008 Langham 11 June 1979

50008 Thunderer glints in the late evening sunshine as it passes Langham (near Ivybridge) with the 6A21 16:40 St Erth to Acton milk tanks on 11 June 1979. The conveyance of milk from the West Country by rail was only destined to last for another year. Thenceforth it would be road tankers on the M5. Such is progress!

50001 & 50032 Chacewater 27 April 1979

50001 Dreadnought & 50032 Courageous pass through the remains of Chacewater station on 27 April 1979 with an unidentified up working. The station closed to passengers in 1964, but the Blue Circle cement works lingered on into the 1980s. A Class 45 is just visible in the siding on the background.

50029 Hemerdon 2 February 1979

50029 Renown passes Hemerdon on 2 February 1979 with an unidentified train from Paddington. 50029 had been named a few months before, in common with a number of Class 50s, at Laira without any ceremony.

50023 Garsdale 15 April 1974

Pre health and safety days at Garsdale on 15 April 1974. Passengers from the Wirral Railway Circle 1L81 09:03 Crewe to Alston 'Alstonian' railtour wander alongside (and across) the tracks in order to secure their pictures of 50023 during the train's booked photo stop. 50023 worked the train between Crewe and Carlisle, from where an eight car DMU rake took over. This was the first occasion on which a Class 50 worked a railtour.

D200 Gresford 21 April 1984

D200 (40122) climbs Gresford Bank on 21 April 1984 with the BR 1T12 06:45 Coventry to Holyhead 'Conway Crusader 2' railtour. 50007, 40192, 40086 & 40118 were also used at various points throughout the day. Photo taken from a public footpath crossing.

25133 Chester 23 July 1977

A very dull day at Chester on 23 July 1977, as 25133 pulls way from the station with the 1D17 13:05 Llandudno to Nottingham service. I would imagine this was making a considerable racket, as the load is at least eight vehicles, and probably more.

45111 Chester 24 April 1984

45111 Grenadier Guardsman passes underneath Chester No.6 signal box on 24 April 1984. It is working the 1M26 12:57 Scarborough to Bangor service. 45111 was withdrawn in 1987, and cut up in 1992. This distinctive signal box succumbed to the Chester area resignalling scheme.