38 years of photography and the Tom Derrington railway archive collection.

Welcome to my website. This site contains a selection of pictures, both general scenes from my collection covering the last thirty years, as well as folk music photography from the Cotswold Canal's excellent Saul Canal Festival, and a selection of Infrared pictures. It also includes a selection of railway pictures from the Tom Derrington archive, which will be continuously added to the site, as time permits. I hope you enjoy browsing through these pictures, and you may also be interested in my other websites listed below.

The caption details for the Tom Derrington pictures are based on various sources, and whilst the loco number, location, and dates are accurate, the other details have had to be acquired from various sources. Whilst I believe them to be correct, there may be errors. Any corrections, or further information would be gratefully received.

If you would like to use any of the pictures featured, including any from the Tom Derrington collection, please contact me. Higher resolution versions are available for publication.

Website design and images either copyright 1978 - 2016 Martin Loader or Tom Derrington (Martin Loader Collection).

This website now contains: 74 images (Tom Derrington Collection), 126 images (Folk on the Water), 6 images (Infrared) and 26 images (Miscellaneous).


A pictorial history of the former Great Western Railway branch line running from Oxford through the Upper Thames Valley to the small Cotswold market town of Fairford. Built by the Witney Railway Company and the East Gloucestershire Railway Company in the mid nineteenth century, the line survived until 1970. This website contains many unique photos, and much new data gleaned from recent research.

Hondawanderer.com is devoted to quality Railway Photography. Having traveled the country extensively over the last thirty years photographing the railway scene, I have managed to amass a fair collection of railway images, despite the vagaries of the British weather! As time permits a selection of these will be scanned and uploaded to the site. Mostly classic diesel, but also a little steam from time to time!