Infrared Photography

The surreal world of B&W infrared photography

Enter the wacky world of Infrared photography. A pictorial guide to black and white infrared photography using the now discontinued Konica 750 black & white Infrared film. Stunning images could be taken of quite ordinary subjects using purely invisible light. Not an easy film to master, as it had no set film speed, and the suggested speed was hopelessly wrong when used with an opaque 87 filter. I estimate about ISO 0.2 - now that is slow! Tripod only and act like a Victorian photographer as far as shutter speeds go! However, unlike the Kodak equivalent, this film was very fine grained. Blue skies turn black and foliage takes on an eerie white glow. Interesting effects resulting from the slow shutter speeds include the movement of water, leaves and even clouds.


Duntisbourne Rouse church, Gloucestershire

Afon Ystwyth, Ceredigion

The Old Severn Bridge, Gloucestershire

Duntisbourne Rouse church, Gloucestershire.


Afon Ystwyth, Ceredigion.


The Old Severn Bridge, Gloucestershire.


Talybont Reservoir, Powys

Tree near Midgham, Berkshire

Limpley Stoke church, Somerset

Talybont Reservoir, Powys.


Tree near Midgham, Berkshire.


Limpley Stoke church, Somerset.