45109 Settle Junction 31 March 1984

45109 approaches Settle Junction on 31 Mach 1984 with 1E33 16:35 Carlisle to Leeds service. In the foreground is the line to Carnforth, via Giggleswick. Peak hauled Mk 1 coaches and semaphore signals - the good old days!

45111 Chester 24 April 1984

45111 Grenadier Guardsman passes underneath Chester No.6 signal box on 24 April 1984. It is working the 1M26 12:57 Scarborough to Bangor service. 45111 was withdrawn in 1987, and cut up in 1992. This distinctive signal box succumbed to the Chester area resignalling scheme.

45115 Mostyn 21 April 1984

45115 speeds through Mostyn on 21 April 1984 with the 1M63 11:00 Scarborough to Bangor service. 45115 was one of the last 'Peaks' to be withdrawn, surviving until June 1988. It was cut up a couple of years later.

45137 Settle Junction 7 April 1984

'Run for it'! The lambs scatter, as 45137 The Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment (TA) heads north from Settle Junction on 7 April 1984 with the 1M09 09:07 Leeds to Carlisle service. It is just about to cross over the A65 road.

45142 Settle Junction 7 April 1984

45142 passes Settle Junction signal box on 7 April 1984 with the 1E23 10:40 Carlisle to Leeds service. The box was built by the Midland Railway, and dates from1913. Note that the lines run parallel for a short distance after the actual junction.

45142 Rhyl 19 June 1985

45142 arrives at Rhyl on 19 June 1985 with the 1M58 08:20 Newcastle to Llandudno service. Note the old loco shed on the right (closed in 1963), which seems to be acting as quite an effective greenhouse for some unwanted vegetation!